Strategy for Uttarakhand (UK) PCS

Strategy for Uttarakhand (UK) PCS
PCS (Provincial Civil Services) Exam provide second best chance to serve your state after IAS. Every state have their own SPSC that conduct exam annually for State civil services.
There is two category of student one who only prepare for state PCS (on logic that it is easier,one should first try for PCS & then only for IAS),another category of students who prepare simultaneously for both IAS & PCS.
We also suggest that you should prepare for IAS and in meantime whenever you get chance to appear in PCS exam ,you should apply for it.This save the time and also enhances your chance of success.SPSC take lot of time to conduct exam(on average 2-3 years) .
The best strategy is that one should prepare for IAS and should appear in PCS exam of 1-3 state simultaneously as syllabus for both is same.Only difference is standard of question paper and state specific questions .In case of PCS exam ,question paper is much easier than IAS exam.
 If you look for work profile and job satisfaction of SDM is not a bad compromise with respect to IAS ,if you did not qualify IAS exam.There are many example when student clear PCS exam and then in same year or in next 1-2 year they qualify for IAS.There are  reverse cases also where candidate could not qualify ias ,they appear in PCS exam and qualified it.So candidate should atleast appear in their home state pcs exam if you do not have  good backup.

Strategy for Prelims (UK PCS)

If you broadly analyse the ukpcs pre paper ,we can divide GS paper  in three parts..
  • Basic General study/GK (History,polity,geography,economics,science)
  • Current affairs of various happening in state ,India and world
  • Uttarakhand  special


For sure success in UKPCS Pre exam  ,you must prepare uttarakhand special very well.In general ,questions related to Uttarakhand contribute  something between 15%-20%.But in future it may increase  upto 30%. Strategy to prepare it is read the topic wise material related to Uttarakhand and practice all questions related to that topic asked in all exams  conducted by UKPSC.
Books available for uttarakhand special
Uttarakhand vishesh adhyyan : Pariksha vani publication 
This book is concise, accurate and up to date.But available in Hindi only.Each chapter are supplemented with lot of good questions on state. Presentation of Book is very good.Important fact are given in bold and important information in boxes.Read it many times and practice questions given in book.Even if you are English medium student ,you should read this book once.
Uttarakhand : Winsar publication (available in English and Hindi medium)
Uttarakhand special :Arihant publication (english & hindi).

Current affairs… 

one of the important aspect of PCS Pre exam.if you look at the ukpcs pre paper you will find that current affairs contribute 20-30%.I have seen many good student prepare basic part very well and did not prepare current affairs.they miss the prelims by few marks.You should make monthly schedule to prepare current affairs either through magazine or through online sites.Now days there are so many magazine in market almost having same material. so choose one good magazine and read its every month.Donot postpone preparation of current affairs for last minute.
For english medium samveg ias blog.
or any other magazine that you find suitable.
Basic General study/GK (History,polity,geography,economics,science)
For basic GS topic you should read same material that you read for ias exam.


Indian polity : M Lakshmikant (TMH)
Modern history : Spectrum publication( Rajiv ahir) 
Ancient & Medieval History :old ncert/Lucent
Geography(india & world) : Mahesh barnwal/11th-12th NCERT (OR DR KHULLAR)
Economy of india: Ramesh singh (TMH) /CURRENT AFFAIRS
General science and technology : Lucent General science /Arihant pub,
Uttarakhand special : Pariksha vani /Winsar
Current affairs :Ghatna chakra / PD/
 A New Approach to REASONING Verbal & Non-Verbal :  Sijwali (Arihant publication)
Fast track objective math : Rajesh verma (arihant publication)
Hindi : Dr vasudev nandan prasad  /ghatna chakra

Strategy for Reading Materials

Practice of old question paper

Most important aspect to qualify UKPCS is practice of old papers of ukpcs.One should practice all the question papers whose exam is conducted by UKPSC.The level of question is almost same in all exam conducted by UKPSC.

Previous Year’s Question Papers of exam conducted by UKPSC

Apart this candidate should buy ghatana chakra punaravalokan issue which consist of questions of ukpcs,uppcs,mppcs,Ras etc.Read the topic thoroughly from standard book and then do the questions related to that topic.


The standard of question paper(csat) of ukpcs-2012 pre was good.UKPSC asked mainly question from reasoning and arithmetic (80%).The level of question of reasoning was also good and some question in math and reasoning were really good.But it was a spoiler question paper for many serious hindi medium students who could not score decent while those who were preparing for ssc/po qualified the exam.
The strategy to do better in CSAT paper is practice of sufficcient number of questions of substantial standard.



P.C.S.(Main) Exam-2012 O.M.R. Based Question Answer Booklet.Candidates have to write answer in given space in answer booklet provided by UKPSC.

when we interacted with  numbers of candidates,we heard their problems regarding vast syllabus of UKPSC mains exam,we identified few key problems
Voluminous syllabus (nearly 20 pages). everything related to subject matter has been written in syllabus(seems just  copy & paste from various competative books,but ensured that nothing should be left otherwise “Log kya kahenge ki ukpsc ne kam syllabus diya hai”) .
Is everything that is written in syllabus should be prepared as they again made tough provision through variety of questions (2marker,5marker.8marker,16 marker) .they tried to ensure that you could not think to left any topic( anyatha itana bada syllabus dena ka fayada kya hoga?)
How to prepare uttarakhand related topic?they have ensured sufficient syllabus of uttarakhand  in each paper.there is no comprehensive seeing uttarakhand material in Pariksha vani/winsar, “aisa lagata hai ki isase kuchh nahi hoga ,aur kya read kiya jaye”People are suggesting various books for different topic.(we will provide strategy for this).
Various topic in polity paper, economy paper, science and technology are not given in conventional book.what and from where it should be prepared.
How to MANAGE TIME  to answer all questions.
What type of current affairs should be prepared?
such a vast syllabus has been described by UKPSC for mains that a student not prepared very well will feel that  hamse na hoga itna. ukpsc has prescribe every minute aspect of topic so that you can not leave any part of syllabus(That means you have not to read any thing extra beyond syllabus).strictly follow the  the syllabus.
we are here to  make  small contribution with respect to how you simply and exactly deliver whatever you know.every one knows how much is important to do the writing practice. Since uk psc is conducting mains exam in this format (allGS) first time so every one is bothered what level/type  question paper they will ask.This is sure that they will not ask question at par UPSC .
Their questions will be a mixed bag of simple,moderate and some good question like upsc/ias exam. second challenge will be completion of paper within time.if you have practised  many good questions during your preparation stage ,you can easily manage the time,quality of answer in those three hours.

Strategy for Preparation:

  • First of all read the syllabus carefully.
  • Identify your strong and weak areas.identify what you can write easily,on what you can write littlebit and where you can write nothing.
  • Prepare the list of topics that you feel you does not have sufficient material ,search in google for basic (donot search for Ph.D) so that you can write upto 250 words.
  • Read basic uttarakhand state information ( geography , economy,history)
  • Think what can ukpsc  ask,how will you respond.
  • Read old papers of OPTIONAL subjects of  UKPSC to have various dimension and depth of question level that can be asked .
  • Revise static part regularly and do writing practice in time bound manner.
  • Learn to write same question in 20 words,50 words,125words and 250 words.
  • Do not be panic to prepare very much about uttarakhand special.Avoid reading any special book for uttarakhand history or geography at this moment.Read Pariksha vani many times and have factual information so that you can use it as per your requirement.

Why one should not read special book for uttarakhand?

From Pariksha vani you can easily answer 2 marker and 5 case of 125 word/250 word you have to attempt 5 questions out of 7 question.if you have prepared whole syllabus clearly ,you can easily avoid uttarakhand related question. Uttarakhand related big question can not be more than 2 /3 questions in section C /D. even in case of 250 words question also you can write good answer in less word with the help of  Pariksha vani.

Material for uttarakhand PCS mains

Budget speech (very good material for uttarakhand economy for mains )

Time bound Practice?

if there is no time limitation most of you can write better answer.when ever you practice answer writing ,you should take care of time limitation.during practice you should allot 1 minute for 1 marks.In exam start writing with speed from start itself.


It is big issue for english medium student as they are not habitual to use even common word of hindi and writing it in limited time is even bigger challenge.For hindi medium student,this part is ok but they have to also prepare and revise it from proper source for maximization of marks.Most of the candidate get average marks in hindi ( because they target only for that much) and few get exceptional high marks.every candidate focus on grammer part that is highly scoring due to its factual nature if you can write suitable words correctly,so makes little difference among the candidate .2nd highly scoring area is letter writting and Lokokti/muhavare,if you prepare them properly.The difference in marks is very much visible how you approach/write the संक्षेपण,व्याख्या, भावार्थ etc.The book recomended from our side

हिन्दी व्याकरण : Dr vasudevnandan prasad (bharti bhavan publication)

Lucent’s Sampurna Hindi Vyakaran Aur Rachna Paperback – 2014


Sample Language Paper as per UKPCS Pattern:SAMVEG IAS 

Pattern of Language paper is different from GS you have to attempt 36 questions.all are compulsory.

Essay writing

essay will be high scoring area in ukpsc mains exam.difficulty is writting two essay on different topic along with language one hand you will have less time and another hand you have write in word limit.choose topic of your interest and wrote effective essay taking care of word limit (+/-10%).you should focus on two topic in each section and prepare them thoroughly.practice essay writing on 8-10 topic in word limit for ukpcs mains.those who are writing mains may have no problems but other will face problem in completing the essay in given time frame. for PCS level one can have some idea of approach and content from….

बातें निबंध की भाग-1,2,3,4,5,6…Ghatna chakra publication

Ukpsc is conducting mains exam in new format for first time.where candidate has to write answer in given space within prescribed word limit. The pattern of mains question paper ukpsc will follow is like this..

15 questions-2 markers——30 marks(each of 20 words)

10 questions -5 markers—– 50 marks(each of 50 words)

7 questions- 8 markers ——40 marks ( each of 125 words,only 5 question is to be attempted)

7 questions- 16 markers ——80 marks ( each of 250 words,only 5 question is to be attempted)


If you analyse the paper you will find that UKPSC has made good questions in all papers except few aberrations.In history paper in place of modern history they ask more from medieval history,so many candidate find it difficult.In science paper UKPSC has asked more from chemistry and bio section in place of science and technology.Everyone feel that Language paper was lengthy.Although most of the candidate has left 15-20 marks in each paper.Most surprising was less number of questions from uttarakhand special.But one should not take it lightly for future exam.
The strategy,classroom guidance and test series by SAMVEG IAS was highly successful.You can talk to our student and find out the truth.most of the questions were directly related with our test series and guidance.


one should have very good speed  during writing practice  .
Speed+knowledge+patience = success
Cover everything written in syllabus (superficially,no research)
Do not neglect the uttarakhand even though less number of questions.
Always focus on core areas of syllabus as most of the questions come from there only.


  1. Uttarakhand Public Service Commission is conducting Exam for 917 Lecturer posts.Candidates should download UKPSC Syllabus for preparation.

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